Instant objectives

 The main objectives of INSTANT are:

  • Develop a simple and fully integrated sensing system, together with a suitable number of sensor elements for the detection and identification of ENPs in one device.
  • Combine two complementary transduction principles to create a robust sensor system providing high-content information about ENPs.
  • Develop molecularly imprinted polymers for ENP detection
  • Improve and modify sampling and separation techniques in regard to the complex matrices.
  • Develop advanced chemometrics to extract information from the complex data sets.
  • Provide characterized and standardized ENPs for the comparison of their properties as pure material used as product and food additives as well as during storage and processing.

 Project Organization

Instant is organized in 7different workpackages - 5 scientific workpackages, one coordination workpackage and 1 workpackage for dissemination and exploitation of results. The scientific workpackages have presented an poster describing their taks and first results at the public midterm seminar. The posters with all the information can be found below:

Further information

A good overview of INSTANT tasks and objectives can be found in the Opens external link in new windowcompendium of the nanosafety cluster.

Further information contains the Initiates file downloadpublic summary of the periodic report of the first reporting period of the INSTANT project.